Psycho-physical poke in the ribs

April 26, 2009

Most of us are fairly locked into this dualistic mode of thinking where we regard ourselves as comprising two distinct and separate units called “mind” and “body”. I encountered it myself this evening while using the computer. I was feeling a bit uncomfortable as I’d been typing for a while, letting myself get a bit absorbed in what I was writing.

I noticed this happening – a tightening of the shoulders and a gripping in the abdominal area, which was contributing to my back being a bit sore. Still fairly focused on the writing, I started trying to “Alexander” myself, applying directions and so on. But I realised it was making me worse, till I eventually relented and decided to take a break and change my attitude of mind a little as well.

I guess it’s all too easy to forget that we’re “psycho-physical” in nature, as it’s not a mode of awareness most of us have been brought up with. We tend to think we can choose to ungrip a clenched area of musculature, for example, while doing nothing to alter a demeanour of grim determination or anxiety or something similar.

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